BigSmallGroup: July 8, 2015

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This week at our #BigSmallGroup things got shaken up a bit. We transitioned into a time of focusing on #Invest. Our pastor Jeff Noble delivered his “August” address, challenging all members and regular attenders to find ways they could really #Invest through ministry experiences in and out of the church. All present were given a chance to share what #Invest oppurtunities they were interested in, these oppurtunities included D28 and small groups, volunteering with our Sunday morning service teams, and being in the community during events like Steppin’ Out and Gobbler Fest. In the “August” address Jeff also talks about our four week Capitol Campaign. An opportunity for us not to focus on money but on whole life stewardship.

Watch the August Address:

In addition to Jeff’s “August” address, the church got to hear Jeff Kinney share his testimony. Jeff delves into how God’s plans were laid on his heart leading to decisions that may baffle the world but not God. Through His plans God has blessed and provided for Jeff, allowing God to be ultimately glorified. Watch and listen to Jeff’s testimony here: