Big Small Group: June 10, 2015

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This week’s Big Small Group started off with a rousing game of “Minute to Win It” thanks to Alex, our Youth Leader, and Adam, our Discipleship & College Minister. Each contestant had to put vaseline on their nose, stick a cotton ball to their nose, and transfer it into a bowl. The first person to get four into their bowl was the big winner (and won four movie tickets). We always love laughing with each other–and sometimes at each other (all in good fun!).

Next, we were able to listen to Tanner share his testimony. It was incredible. He was extremely transparent and shared what God has done in his life in a deep and powerful way. God has brought Tanner through some hard times and really revealed Himself to Tanner along the way. He cited a verse that really helped get him through the most difficult times, Matthew 5:3, “Blessed is the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We are so thankful for Tanner’s willingness to give us a glimpse into the way God’s is being glorified within his life.

Following Tanner’s powerful faith story we broke up into small groups to unpack last Sunday’s sermon. Our discussion focused on the ways we struggle to apply God’s word in our lives and become people of truth. However, it also focused on mutually encouraging each other with the ways we’ve seen God work within our lives as we strive to be people of truth.

Make sure to come out next week for our next #BigSmallGroup! We are meeting at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship on June 17th for another powerful faith story, sermon recap, pizza, and fun times.