Better Together – When the Retreat Ends

Aaron Peck Blog

If you were able to attend last weekend’s marriage event, Better Together, you know that there was probably a lot to unpack. Because even if you were able to be there for the entire day, time just did not allow for everyone to hear every speaker in every breakout session.

But, don’t worry. You don’t have to miss out on a thing! All of our sessions are available here for you to hear!

Session 1 with Tim Hight

Session 2 with Tim Hight

Breakout Session with Stephanie Fearer – Expectations

Breakout Session with Taylor Rollo – Friendship in Marriage

Breakout Session with Dave & Mandy Farris – Talking About Sex

Breakout Session with Jim & Cynthia Rancourt – Stages of Marriage

Breakout Session with Sean Simonton – Discovering Each Other’s Love Language