Baltimore Mission Trip

Matt Kesler Blog

Adam & Jenn Wilson (and Selah!)

Over the past year, Northstar has sent a few different people to visit with Redemption City Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Adam Wilson, a former college minister at Northstar, is one of the pastors on staff. It has been encouraging to have conversations with him over the past year about a potential partnership. Last Spring, Northstar sent a small group of men on a vision trip to see if it is something we’d be interested in doing. This April, we are following up with a team of 11 in order to partner with them with their first annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Our team will be preparing eggs with candy, working at a homeless shelter, and whatever else that RCC needs done during our time there. We will be arriving April 17 and will be coming back on Saturday, April 20, after the Easter Egg Hunt.

You can help!

Since RCC is a newer church plant, they don’t have a lot of resources. So, what I’m asking is that in addition to supplies brought for Northstar’s Easter Egg Hunt, would you consider doubling that amount? When you go to drop off supplies on Sunday morning, just drop off a few additional supplies for our group going to Baltimore! This is a simple, easy way, to be the church with another a sister church in Baltimore. Our team would love your prayers as we prepare for our time partnering alongside RCC in a few short weeks!