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GAPnews: GAPsGiving


The 4th annual celebration of GAPsGiving will be held on Saturday November 16 at 7pm at Fieldstone UMC. This is our annual Thanksgiving potluck! Come bring some friends and some food, Be sure to sign up with the link below. If someone is already making what you wanted to make, just make it anyways…trust us someone will eat it! POTLUCK SIGNUP

Farewell Post: Kendra


I came to Northstar church after moving to Blacksburg for Architecture school. I was so blessed to meet a group of people that loved and cared for me during the stressful graduate school experience. GAP reminded me of what was truly important in life, which I often forgot when grades and deadlines demanded my time and energy. I experienced the …

Farewell Post: Tanisha


It’s hard to believe that two years ago I graduated with my master’s degree and was preparing for my big move to Virginia Tech! I can remember being excited, anxious, nervous, yet ready for the new adventure. As some of you know, Victor and I were still just dating at the time, and he was stationed in New Orleans as …

GAPnotes: Global Perspective


By Sarah G Sometimes I worry that Christians (myself included) are in danger of missing the bigger picture. We pray, we worship, we study the Bible, and we try to be loving to the people we encounter on a daily basis. But here’s the thing, as Christians we are called to a mission that goes beyond growing in our relationship …

GAPnotes: Panel Followup (Aaron)


By Aaron As a followup to our Relationships Panel, we asked our panelists to weigh in on questions we didn’t have time to cover. Here’s Aaron’s take: Why does the Church seem to place so much emphasis on unmarried Christians getting married?  Well, fellow GAPpers, I’m glad you asked. Personally, I think the Church places emphasis on marriage because it …

GAPnotes: Panel Followup (Wendy)


By Wendy As a followup to our Relationships Panel, we asked our panelists to weigh in on questions we didn’t have time to cover. Here’s Wendy’s take: How do you handle making important decisions, especially if you feel God is leading you in a different direction? After you talk out the decision with your spouse, you pray and wait. In …

GAPnotes: Visiting/Life Update


By Chris Not going to lie, we’ve been going through GAP withdrawal. How do you cure an addiction? Clearly by coming back for more – we’ll be visiting May 18 to May 22 and we’d love to see you all. After several months, April finally was offered a position at her dream job at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ. We …

Farewell Post: Liz


[Liz has been a faithful GAPer ever since arriving in Blacksburg in 2010. Liz had a hand in planning just about every GAP event, whether you knew it or not. And that was basically her style: consistent, humble, selfless service. Never boasting but always willing. Its appropriate, then, for her to be the first to get a farewell post on …

GAPnotes: Childhood Memories


By Eddie Brown God always has this way of rekindling deep thoughts from spiritual “revelations” of my past. I have not been able to verify if this phenomenon is common for most people but I would hope so. The depth and richness of those memories reborn are something that I treasure dearly.  Most recently it has come in the form of …