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Megan was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. She moved to the New River Valley in 2003 when she entered Radford University as a freshman. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2007 and just recently joined our staff team as our Administrative Assistant. Megan has been a member of Northstar since November 2014 and is extremely thankful to be part of such a close knit church family. She enjoys biking, hiking, napping, reading and playing with her dog, Winston. Megan’s husband John works at VPT, Inc in Blacksburg Virginia as a Senior Design Engineer. John and Megan have both been very blessed by the Lord and are eternally grateful for the grace and mercy offered through our savior, Jesus Christ.

Megan is the Office on the staff at Northstar. Visit our leadership page to get to know the rest of the team.

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Carol Lee Donuts, #dontgobeaster, and Northstar’s Impact

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Being only a few days away from our 15 year Homecoming and Groundbreaking ceremony, I have caught myself on more than one occasion feeling nostalgic. John and I have been coming to Northstar since 2014, and even as I write that, it feels surreal to know that Northstar has been our church home for over four years.  And what an …

The Greatest Introduction of All Time

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This past Sunday was a review of the first couple of messages in the Created & Called series and wrapped up the section on Genesis chapter 1. For the past several weeks, we have been looking at the biblical teaching on creation. This has always been an uncomfortable topic for me. I have wrestled with it, made peace with it, …