Lindsay de Gastyne

Lindsay was born and raised primarily in the New River Valley, but cultivated a love for the beach as she spent her early elementary years in Chesapeake, Virginia.

She is currently a senior at Virginia Tech living in Blacksburg and pursuing a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Social Inequality, along with a minor in Professional and Technical Writing. Lindsay is passionate about helping people in need and clearly communicating the gospel through her hobbies of writing, singing, and graphic design. She also enjoys biking around Blacksburg, eating frozen yogurt, and hanging out with her roommates.

Lindsay is the Intern on the staff at Northstar. Visit our leadership page to get to know the rest of the team.

Posts by Lindsay de Gastyne

To Freshman Me, From Senior Me

Blog, College Ministry

Dear Freshman Me (and all you other Freshies), Tip #1: College is hard. And fun. And exhausting. And great. Tip #2: College will be less fun and great if you don’t ask for help. Tip #3: College will be less hard and exhausting if you do ask for help. In the 1,082 days since my first week at Virginia Tech …