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Jenny Henry grew up right here in the New River Valley. She studied Education at Radford University. Jenny taught primary school for seven years before deciding to stay home with her young sons Jack, 8, and Sully, 5. She and her husband, Emanual have been married for ten years. Jenny writes to remind her readers that, through it all, God is good. His love and grace are lavished on us. And we have a hope that will never be put to shame.

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The End

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We all love a great story. Whether it’s between the pages of a novel or displayed on the big screen, we all want the same thing, for the characters we have come to love to live happily ever after. Neal Nelson shared this thought during his recent message in our Think to Change series, [BELIEVE]-The End. Sharing from 1 Thessalonians …

A Winning Approval


“Mommy, look at me!  Watch this!” My son yells to me as he swings from the monkey bars.  I look away for one quick second during his “performance.”  “Mommy you didn’t watch!”  So, this time I lock my eyes on what he is about to do and try to not even blink.  He does a flip.  “Great job, Jack! That …

Think to Change: Purpose response


Sometimes, I have a bad attitude. My bad attitude causes me to be short tempered with others.  It makes it hard for me to enjoy things I love.  It causes me to have hateful, anxious thoughts.  I really need to do something about my bad attitude. That’s why the Think to Change series comes at just the right time for …