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Emily was born and raised in Northern New Jersey as the oldest of 3 younger sisters. She spent her early childhood in Morristown, NJ and then moved to Mendham, NJ before heading to Blacksburg for college.

Emily graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Creative Technologies and a double minor in Communications and Art History. Emily loves art, graphic design and videography work and enjoys utilizing her talents to further God’s kingdom and to help others with personal creative projects. She also enjoys reading, watching corgi videos, and traveling. In September 2017, Emily will began serving with the Baptist Association of Virginia interning at a church in Vienna.

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Northstar Reserve in Valley Business FRONT


Have you experienced Northstar Reserve yet? What are you waiting for?! Located between Bollo’s and Benny’s at 204 Draper Road in Downtown Blacksburg, Northstar Reserve is a prime location for meetings and events! If you haven’t stopped by there yet, be sure to check it out! The Reserve is about to receive some added publicity thanks to an article found …