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Caitlyn Scaggs is a long-term member. She serves in children’s ministry, and her husband Adam serves on the Safety Response Team. Their kids Harper and Peyton are active in the children’s ministry and love getting to church in time for donuts (with sprinkles!). She currently serves as an Associate Vice President at Radford University as a marketing, communications and public relations professional She is a blogger, runner and loves fuzzy socks. Caitlyn has a heart for supporting and empowering other women.

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It is that simple


Lately, I have noticed that a large majority of people in my life are feeling burnt out. It transcends age, gender, career status and personality type. It appears that being worn out is now part of the shared human condition. As someone who approaches life with an intentionally positive perspective, this admission is hard. However, I cannot ignore that the …

New Hope and the Armor of God During COVID-19


I had no idea what to expect. I was riding in a small open trailer being pulled by a motorbike through the streets of LaVega. We were headed deep into the barrio of this city located in the Dominican Republic, we were on our way to where it all began. The closer we got the narrower streets became, the smaller …