AJ Persinger

A.J. is from Culpeper, Virginia and will be graduating from Virginia Tech this spring with a degree in Business Information Technology. He will be staying in Blacksburg for an additional year to pursue opportunities in ministry. During his time in school, A.J. has been involved with Cru, Northstar Connect, and just recently completed an internship with Christian nonprofit Compassion International. A.J. chose to intern with Northstar because he believes that the local church plays an important role for students and their faith. His favorite books of the Bible are John, Romans, and Ecclesiastes. A.J. also loves coffee (...a lot), music, hiking, traveling, and loves providing others with opportunity.

A.J. is the Intern on the staff at Northstar. Visit our leadership page to get to know the rest of the team.

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Future Plans


There’s a battle raging in my mind A battle for control Not sure whose voice I hear anymore Father help me let go Still my mind So that I might find Your path for my life Still my thoughts Till I believe my life was bought And I have nothing to prove For you father are God You Jesus are …