Aaron Peck

Aaron grew up in nearby Roanoke, Virginia. He went to Bluefield College where he studied Behavioral Science and Christian Studies. Aaron has been a member of Northstar since 2013 and has been actively involved in children's ministry for nearly as long. In 2014, he became the Children's Ministry Assistant. Currently, he also works as our Creative Content Director and Stephen Ministry Supervisor. He is excited to have this opportunity to serve God with an amazing church family and staff.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys watching movies, reading, and spending time with his friends. His favorite movie is Back to the Future and he probably owns one too many Superman t-shirts. He also loves to write and blogs regularly at The Confusing Middle.

Aaron is the Creative Content Director on the staff at Northstar. Visit our leadership page to get to know the rest of the team.

Posts by Aaron Peck

Baby Bottle Campaign 2017 – Update

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Northstar Church is incredibly blessed to be able to partner with ministries throughout the New River Valley. As many of our members and regular attenders will remember, we recently participated in the Baby Bottle Campaign. In January, we were able to hand out empty baby bottles to people who then returned those bottles filled with change. All of the proceeds …

Volunteers of All Ages

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Being a church without a permanent home (yet!), Northstar relies on volunteer helpers each and every week to make things run smoothly. And we absolutely have some of the greatest volunteers in the world. Northstar Church is truly blessed. Recently, we’ve had some new volunteers cropping up. They’ve been helping out by greeting folks at the Guest & Information Table …

American Idols

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I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. I turned the TV on while they were interviewing people on the red carpet. I watched as the camera spotted Ceelo Greene and decided that was enough for me. If you didn’t see it, this guy was painted completely gold. I figured, if that was the kind of …

Who Is Our Dodgeball Champion?

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On the evening of Friday, February 3, something exciting was happening in Blacksburg. Exciting happenings on Friday nights in a college town are sure to be a rare occasion. But it happened. At Kipps Elementary School, students from all walks of life gathered to take part in a game that is traditionally saved for the schoolyard: Dodgeball. Connect, Northstar’s college …

Share Your Story With Us

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Throughout 2016, Northstar Church became a congregation full of storytellers. As we have studied the book of Acts, we have explored the story of the early church. We have embraced the idea that, as the church, that story continues 2,000 years later. And each of us, being a part of the church, have our own stories to tell. We have …

Grace Upon Grace

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I came on board full-time with the Northstar staff back in August. In these last few months, I have learned that there are a number of incredible benefits that come with working for Northstar Church. The most obvious of these benefits, and this really goes without saying, is that I get to work, every day, with a group of people …

Disaster Relief in Gatlinburg

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In recent weeks, we have all seen news footage of the destruction left behind after wildfire swept through Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Team is mobilizing a group that will head out this week to help. Northstar member Steve Bodtke will be joining this effort. Steve was recently interviewed by Roanoke station WSLS about the upcoming relief effort. (click …