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Joe Holman was born and raised in beautiful Gastonia, North Carolina where he made great friends and memories. Currently a junior Virginia Tech Industrial and Systems engineering major and cadet, Joe is focusing on optimization and green technology. Joe also serves in Northstar’s youth ministry as a student leader. From hiking, running, shooting, and any other sporting activity, Joe loves being outside. Fishing has become his newest of these hobbies, specifically fly-fishing. Joe says there’s nothing like spending a day in the wondrous mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The Lord can be seen in many ways, but Joe believes His creation is the most powerful of these. Humbled by His glory, Joe desires to serve and share the Lord’s infinite love and wisdom in all he does.

Joe is the Intern on the staff at Northstar. Visit our leadership page to get to know the rest of the team.

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Northstar Story: Joe Holman & Sam Gest


On Easter Sunday we had the opportunity to listen as Jeff interviewed two friends about how God uses His followers for His purpose. Joe and Sam met as Sophomores at Virginia Tech and developed a friendship through a shared major and common interests. Over the past two years however, there was a difference between them. Joe had a relationship with Jesus and …