A new day, A new blog

Children's Ministry

I’m feeling really blessed tonight after spending some time with our church staff and family today. I just love them!

I feel encouraged and uplifted after being with staff. I wonder how many church staff members can say that their staff meetings are a highlight to their week. How many can say they laugh out loud every week? What a privilege to work with this crew.

Then there is our small group. We are growing in number and there is excitement in the air! New families, new babies, new students…it’s exciting. I’m looking forward to “doing life” with these folks this fall.

And then I had the chance to be reminded of our foundational beliefs at Discovering Northstar tonight. Always good to hear it again. It just reiterates that God had a purpose in bringing our family to Northstar, even before the current leadership was in place.

Props to Andrew Tegenkamp for a place to blog my thoughts on Children’s Ministry. I know this post was seemingly unrelated, but I find myself thinking about CM in just about every setting. Whether I’m meeting new families, meeting the future kiddos of our ministry, or meeting potential CM teachers- it is always there.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve alongside my brothers and sisters to bring glory to your name!